Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Student Newscast: Japanese Embassy to USA Visits Hawaii in 1860


This is the vodcast-style newscast my Winter 2010 personal and public speech students at Hawaii Tokai International College produced for their Presentation Day assignment. My thanks and kudos go to Yuichi Ishioka, Haruka Ishiwata, Daniel Lucas Mercier, Mariko Minami, Mayumi Mori, Koki Murakami, Ayama Oshima, Yuria Takahashi, Kento Takebayashi, Aine Takeuchi, and Shingo Uematsu.

Pictured here is the Joint Declaratory Certificate issued by the Hawaii State Legislature. The signed-original was presented by the students to Chancellor Naoto Yoshikawa of Hawaii Tokai International College.

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