Monday, August 2, 2010

The Japanese Embassy Arrives in Honolulu

The March 8, 1860 edition of the Pacific Commercial Advertiser reported the arrival of the U.S. Steam Frigate Powhatan:


NAVAL – The U.S. Steam frigate Powhatan, under command of Capt. G. F. Pearson, and bearing Flag Officer Josiah Tatnall, arrived at this port on Monday morning, 21 days from Japan.

On leaving Kanagawa, the “P” did not purpose touching here, but finding her supply of coal would not hold out to San Francisco, she changed her course for this port. She has consequently been some days longer in coming than had she come direct.

She has on board the Japanese Embassy to the United States, consisting of 72 persons. To accommodate this large number, state-rooms have been erected on the quarter deck.

During the voyage, which has been rough and stormy, the Japanese guests have made themselves very agreeable, not the slightest disturbance having occurred, but on the other hand, they have invariably appeared well pleased with their accommodations and officers of the vessel. Three interpreters accompany the Embassy, so that the wants of the strangers are easily met.

The Powhatan will remain here about two weeks, sailing we understand, on the 20th for San Francisco, where she is to be placed in the dry dock, at Mare island, to repair damages sustained in her cruises in the Japan seas. She leaks considerably, and otherwise needs much overhauling.

After repairing at San Francisco, she will receive on board the Japanese and proceed to Panama, where they will go to Aspinwall via the railroad, and embark on board the U.S. frigate Roanoke, and thence to New York or Annapolis.

The following is a list of the officers of the Powhatan:


Captain: George F. Pearson.

Lieutenants: James D. Johnston, Stephen D. Trenchard, Wm. W. Roberts, Alexander A. Semmes, Charles E. Thorburn, Robert Boyd, Jr.

Fleet Surgeon: W. A. W. Spotswood.

Passed Asst. Surgeon: Chas. H. Williamson.

Assistant Surgeon: John W. Sanford, Jr.

Purser: B. F. Gallaher.

Chaplain: Henry Wood.

Marine Officer: Captain A.S. Taylor.

Chief Engineer: William H. Shock.

First Asst. Engineers: Wm. W. Rutherford, Richard C. Potts.

Second Asst. Engineer: George W. City.

Third Asst. Engineers: Wm. H. King, E.R. Archer, Wm. W. Dungan, George S. Bright.

Boatswain: Edward Kenney.

Acting Gunner: Henry Fitzosbourne.

Carpenter: Joseph G. Thomas.

Sailmaker: Augustus A. Warren

Commodore’s Secretary: T. A. Nicholson.

Captain’s Clerk: Leonard W. Riley.

Purser’s Clerk: Chas. P. Thompson.

Master’s Mates: Chas. R. Betts, Augustus Stebbins, Gilbert M. L. Cook.

*This same list also appeared in the April, 1860 edition of The Friend, published in Honolulu by Rev. Samuel C. Damon.

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