Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CHINA AND JAPAN , by LT James D. Johnston, U.S.N. (1860

CHINA AND JAPAN , by LT James D. Johnston, U.S.N. (1860)

James D. Johnston, lieutenant, U.S. Navy, executive officer of the Steam-Frigate Powhatan, wrote an account of the trip of the Powhatan to open diplomatic relations with China and to transport the first Japanese ambassadors to the United States less than seven years after Commodore Matthew C. Perry forced his way into Japan in 1853.

These were also the last years before the Civil War, before Southerners such as Johnston entered the Confederate Navy.

This book is now annotated to show what was meant by passing references which were much clearer at the time it was written, and also to trace events in the lives of the participants after the voyage.

The preliminary part of the book includes a table of contents explaining what the various chapters listed below actually cover. Or just start reading the book from the beginning.

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