Friday, October 22, 2010

Poet’s Corner: Opening of Japan to the Gospel 1860

Opening of Japan to the Gospel

The Friend: Honolulu, April 1860, page 29. Rev. Samuel C. Damon, Publisher.

Ho! For Japan’s fair isles-

The God of glory smiles

On millions there;

In Jeddo’s temple gates

Praise for Jehovah waits,

Praise and true prayer.

Where her grim idols stood-

Idols of stone and wood-

(Now clothed with shame),

Christians –a stronger throng-

Lifting their choral song,

Praise Jesus’ name.

Since Nagasaki heard

Tidings of Christ the Lord,

Lo! Dawning light

Led by the morning star,

Breaks from the skies afar

On her long night.

Soon shall her millions feel

Jesus hath power to heal

Sin’s deadly wound;

Since there the Savior smils,

Soon shall Japan’s fair isles

Be hallowed ground.


-Boston Recorder

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