Friday, October 22, 2010

‘Right Men in the Right Place" and Dr. Charles F. Guillou

In the October 24, 1857 edition of Honolulu’s Polynesian came word that Abner Pratt, U.S. Consul at Honolulu, appointed new leadership at the American Consular Hospital.

Under the headline ‘Right Men in the Right Place’ we glean the following:

Mr. Pratt, the U.S. Consul has recently made the appointment of the officers of the American Consular Hospital, and short as is the time since his arrival the parties selected are equally those whom the community, if it was any business of theirs to speak in the matter, would have pointed out.

Dr. Cha. F. Guillou, the Consular Physician and Surgeon, enjoys a professional reputation of the highest order, whilst his urbanity of manners renders his visits agreeable to his patients. There is a great deal of truth in that. But the Doctor’s long experience as surgeon in the U.S. Navy, makes him especially fit to take charge of the hospital. He knows Jack’s ways and wants, and had a good inkling of his tricks.”

After the Japanese ambassadorial delegation arrived in Honolulu on March 5, 1860 Dr. Guillou would host a welcoming ball at his residence on Hotel Street. The house is no longer there, but news of this celebration can be gleaned here.

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