Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japanese Steamship Kanrin Maru Leaves San Francisco for Honolulu

The U.S. Steamship Powhatan was not the only ship to cross the Pacific Ocean in 1860 with the Japanese Embassy. A state-of-the-art Dutch-designed ship called the Kanrin Maru accompanied the Powhatan. It did not stop in Honolulu with the Powhatan and the Japanese Embassy. Instead, it continued on to San Francisco.

The May 19, 1860 edition of The Polynesian featured the following about departure of the Kanrin Maru for Honolulu on its journey back to Japan.

In this and subsequent stories the ship is referred to as the Candamarrah or Kandinmurrah:

FOREIGN NEWS. By the arrival of the clipper bark Comet, Capt. Smith, in 13 days from San Francisco, the regular Atlantic mail of April 5 arrived, and also telegraphed dates from New York to April 19, and St. Louis, Mo., to April 20, San Francisco dates to May 1.

The Japanese steam frigate Candamarrah it is said would leave San Francisco in a few days after the Comet, for Honolulu, on her way home to Japan.

And also:

COMMERCIAL. Friday, May 18, 1860. By the arrival of the Comet we have dates from San Francisco to the 1st of May, which brought us intelligence of the expected sailing of the Japanese steamer Kandinmurrah, on the 6th for this.

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