Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Polynesian Reports: Arrival of the Powhatan

The U.S. Steam Frigate Powhatan
The Polynesian: Saturday, March 10, 1860, Page 2.

The above steam frigate, bearing the broad pennant of Flag Officer Josiah Tatnall, arrived here on Monday last from Kanagawa, Japan, having on board the Japanese Embassy to the United States. The Powhatan, we understand, is bound to San Francisco, where she will undergo some repairs at Mare Island, rendered necessary by hard service and bad weather encountered during her cruises in the Chinese and Japanese waters. From San Francisco she will proceed to Panama with the Embassy, which will thence be transferred to Aspinwall and embarked on board of the U.S. Roanoke for some port in the U.S.

On Tuesday salutes were exchanged with the Battery on Punchbowl Hill.

The Powhatan left Japan on the 13th of February last, and has had much stormy and bad weather on the passage. When north of these islands, she changed her course and run down here, to take in additional supplies of coal, water, etc., to last her to San Francisco. It is thought that she will remain here another week.

We acknowledge the following list of officers on board, kindly furnished us by Mr. B.F. Gallaher, the Purser:

Flag Officer: Josiah Tatnall.

Captain: George F. Pearson.

Lieutenants: James D. Johnston, Stephen D. Trenchard, Wm. W. Roberts, Alexander A. Semmes, Charles E. Thorburn, Robert Boyd, Jr.

Fleet Surgeon: W. A. W. Spotswood.

Passed Asst. Surgeon: Chas. H. Williamson.

Assistant Surgeon: John W. Sanford, Jr.

Purser: B. F. Gallaher.

Chaplain: Henry Wood.

Marine Officer: Captain A.S. Taylor.

Chief Engineer: William H. Shock.

First Asst. Engineers: Wm. W. Rutherford, Richard C. Potts.

Second Asst. Engineer: George W. City.

Third Asst. Engineers: Wm. H. King, E.R. Archer, Wm. W. Dungan, George S. Bright.

Boatswain: Edward Kenney.

Acting Gunner: Henry Fitzosbourne.

Carpenter: Joseph G. Thomas.

Sailmaker: Augustus A. Warren

Commodore’s Secretary: T. A. Nicholson.

Captain’s Clerk: Leonard W. Riley.

Purser’s Clerk: Chas. P. Thompson.

Master’s Mates: Chas. R. Betts, Augustus Stebbins, Gilbert M. L. Cook.

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