Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Polynesian Reports: Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma Hold Court

Past Week: The Court

The Polynesian (Honolulu): Saturday, March 10, 1860, Page 2.

On Friday last, the 9th inst., it pleased His Majesty the King to hold a Court at the Palace for the reception of the distinguished visitors lately arrived from Japan, on board the U.S. steamer Powhatan.

At 1 ½ P.M., His Majesty’s carriages having been places at their disposal, Flag Officer Josiah Tatnall, commanding the United States East India Squadron, accompanied by the Commissioner of the United States near this Court, Hon. J.W. Borden, and Captain Pierson and Officers of the steam frigate Powhatan, arrived at the Palace grounds, and were received at the lower gate by the Companies of His Majesty’s Household Troops on duty, and at the stairs of the palace by the Honolulu Rifles, under command of Capt. J.H. Brown. The Admiral and suite were then introduced by Mr. Wyllie, the Minister of Foreign Relations, and presented by Mr. Borden to His Majesty, who was pleased to offer them a welcome and express his gratification at meeting with the gallant Admiral.

As soon as the reception of the Admiral and the officers of the Powhatan was ended, His Majesty’s carriages and the Guard of Honor were sent to the Japanese Ambassadors, who arrived at the Palace with their suite a little under 2 P.M., and were received with the same military honors as the Admiral; and the four principal gentlemen of the embassy, occupying distinguished ranks in the Japanese Empire, were presented by Admiral Tatnall and Mr. Borden to His Majesty, who welcomed them to his Court, and expressed his desire to make their stay in this place agreeable. In reply, the Ambassadors expressed their acknowledgments for the courteous attentions paid them by His Majesty. The conversation being held in Dutch, Mr. Banning, of this town, acted as interpreter of His Majesty, who spoke in English.

His Majesty was attended by all the high dignitaries and Chiefs of the Kingdom, and by all prominent officers under the Government present in Honolulu, as well as by many private gentlemen who had been permitted to witness the presentation.

The King having retired, Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by her ladies, entered the throne room and was pleased to receive Admiral Tatnall, Captain Pierson and officers, the Japanese Ambassadors, who were presented in the same order and formality as before.

Her Majesty having enquired how the Ambassadors liked the country, they expressed their perfect satisfaction with whatever they had seen, and their gratitude to both the King and Queen for their kind attentions to their wants and also for the honor of this audience.

The reception over, the Ambassadors were conveyed back to their residence with the same honor as when they arrived, as were also the Admiral and his suite.

To-day, at noon, His Majesty’s Minister of Foreign Relations, R.C. Wyllie, Esq., will return the visit of the Ambassadors, on behalf of His Majesty, at their residence.

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