Friday, November 19, 2010

Brawls With The Japanese.

Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Supplement). Thursday, January 19, 1860.

By way of the bark Onward, in autumn 1859 -the time the Pacific Commercial Advertiser of Honolulu published news that Commodore Tatnall and the crew of the Powhatan would take the Japanese Embassy to the United States- news of an incident. Some of the crew of the Powhatan who were ashore on liberty had a fight with some Japanese. During the melee, a Japanese was killed. This has created quite a feeling against Americans, and the commander of the Powhatan is much blamed for allowing his men liberty under the circumstances.

A Chinaman was murdered by the Japanese a few nights before the Onward left.

On the day the Onward left, there was a rumor current that the English Consul had ordered all British citizens to go armed, as threats had been made against them by the Japanese.

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