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U.S. Consul to China, Mr. Ward, Meets the Japanese Prime Minister

U.S. Consul to China, Mr. Ward, Meets the Japanese Prime Minister

The Friend: March 1860, Page 21 (quoting North China Herald)

JAPAN. –Mr. Ward, the United States Minister to China, taking passage in the Powhatan, visited Nagasaki and Jeddo. While the guest of Mr. Harris at Jeddo, the Prime Minister being informed of his being in the city, and at the home of Mr. Harris, immediately informed him in the most civil and cordial terms, that he should be happy to have an interview at his residence within the Imperial enclosure, or castle, as the “Prohibited Hall” is usually called, which is about as sacred at Jeddo as at Pekin, and appointed at the same time of the day and the hour.

Mr. Ward, of course, was happy to accept the invitation, and the interview was had accordingly. The Prime Minister, upon Mr. Ward’s arrival, inquired if it would be agreeable to him to see the other ministers also and at the same time; and upon expressing his great gratification in doing it, they were introduced, and remained to the close of the interview, which lasted nearly two hours.

The Prime Minister and all the others were most courteous, and seemed at home in their new relations and duties, without annoyance, and at the same time without humiliation or embarrassment, and showing good common sense as well as an admirable simplicity in manners and habits.

The Reception hall, which was close to the Imperial palace, was remarkable only for its simplicity and neatness, while the refreshments served on the occasion were only a few sweetmeats such as the Japanese are fond of. On both sides the interview was entirely pleasant and satisfactory, however, unostentatious.

-North China Herald.

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