Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pacific Commercial Advertiser Reports: The Japanese Depart for Japan

Honolulu’s Pacific Commercial Advertiser reported the departure of the Japanese Embassy in the August 30, 1860 edition:

DEPARTURE OF THE JAPANESE – On Friday last the Japanese Ambassadors, with their suite, whose sojourn has been the occasion of so much excitement and interest, went on board the U.S. steam frigate Niagara, which sailed on Saturday for Japan direct.

Their visit is regarded as having special interest in a commercial point of view, the chief object of the late treaty being the opening of commercial intercourse with an empire which has long been shut out from trade with the greater part of the world.

The cost of the Japanese in Washington and entertaining their thirty-six days stay, amounted to $14,000. The cost of entertaining the Japanese in Philadelphia for seven days, amounted to $15,000. The cost of the Embassy in New York seven days was over $100,000 of which $15,000 was for wines alone!

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