Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pacific Commercial Advertiser Reports: Steamer Kanrin Maru Arrives in Japan from Honolulu

Japan (Arrival of Kanrin Maru to Japan)

Pacific Commercial Advertiser: October 4, 1860

Dates from Kanagawa are to July 25th. The Japanese steam Kandrinmarrah had arrived after a passage of 18 days from Honolulu. From the Americans who came in her we learned that the Japanese conducted themselves admirably on board, taking the positon of the vessel daily by the sun, and brought her, in seamanlike manner, into this bay without incident. The appearance of the steamer, from America, with news from the Ambassadors, created a great excitement both amongst the Americans and Japanese. The foreigners were anxious to hear how the Japanese had been received in America, and the Japanese were fearful lest the Ambassadors would not servive (survive) the great trip across the pond. However, all doubts were dispelled when the great mail for distributed. – Cor. Alta.

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