Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pacific Commercial Advertiser Reports: Japanese Embassy in Washington, Part Five

Six months after the Japanese ambassadorial delegation arrived in Honolulu the Pacific Commercial Advertiser featured further news of their travels in the United States. ‘The Japanese at Washington: Incidents of Their Visit’ was featured in the August 2, 1860 edition of the paper.

The following is a transcript of the fifth section of the news story. No author is listed. I am interested to see these items, and to find out which if any were exhibited during the delegation’s Honolulu stopover in March, 1860

THE PRESENTS -On Friday, the 18th inst., the Japanese presents for the President were opened for inspection, and then transferred to the naval commission, to be delivered privately to the President, in the name of his Imperial Majesty the Tycoon. The articles are of the most magnificent description, saddles richly embroidered and embossed with gold and silver, bed curtains and bed screens similar to those used by the Princes of Japan, and ingeniously elaborated; two swords, such as are worn by the Princes of Japan, superior to any ever manufactured in this country for France; paper hangings ornamented with gold; lacquered ware, including writing cases and a lot of valuable miscellaneous articles, all of them exhibiting the most refined taste and advanced artistic skill, and superior to any which has been brought to this country from Asia.

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