Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pacific Commercial Advertiser Reports: Japanese Embassy in Washington, Part Nine Conclusion

Six months after the Japanese ambassadorial delegation arrived in Honolulu the Pacific Commercial Advertiser featured further news of their travels in the United States. ‘The Japanese at Washington: Incidents of Their Visit’ was featured in the August 2, 1860 edition of the paper.

The following is the final section of the news story. No author is listed, so I am at this point assuming that the text was taken from various newspaper sources that managed through the mails to reach Honolulu.


A good joke is told of one of the second order officers. On Saturday he went into a barber shop near the hotel in order to have is tonsure fresh shaven, which was accordingly done, and quite to his liking. On leaving, he paid the barber, in strict accordance with tonsorial prices in the empire from which he came, taking from his pouch and placing in the hands of the barber one copper cash, eight of which are equal to one cent. So doing, he walked leisurely away.

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